Wheel Alignment Glasgow

Dentzap can conduct a wheel alignment in Glasgow for any make and model of car that you have. Be it 2 wheel or 4 wheel alignment, our service should get your alignment measurements back to standard manufacturer.

Wheel Alignment Specialist in Glasgow

There are many places offering wheel alignment in Glasgow which is fine. Unfortunately there are not enough specialists in this field.

So, what if you wanted a specialist? 

Dentzap specialise in wheel alignment and are able to diagnose steering issues that aren’t common. This is because our senior mechanic is a wheel alignment specialist. You need many years of experience to understand wheel alignment fully, and to understand what can impact it.

Issues impacting the alignment are not always obvious. The latest equipment won’t always detect other issues going on with your car.

You can read more about the different types of equipment used on our 2 Wheel vs 4 Wheel Alignment blog.

Off-Set Wheel Alignment Issues

Uneven tyre wear is a very common sign that the suspension is out of sync. Another can be your steering wheel pulling to one side while driving on an even road. Strange noises from your car when it turns a corner can also indicate that the car needs a wheel alignment. Even when you have mechanical work undertaken on the suspension, the wheel alignment needs re-aligned.

You can read some common questions regarding the wheel alignment service on our other blog post What is Wheel Alignment.

2 or 4 Wheel Alignment

There seems to be some confusion regarding wheel alignment, and our new customers tell us what other places have told them.

Your car determines if it’s only 2 wheels that can be adjusted or all 4. This is because they have a different suspension setup from the manufacturer. Usually high-end performance cars will have a better suspension setup than more inexpensive cars. This is obvious of course, the more money you spend, the better the car…usually!

So, if you own a car which allows all 4 wheels to be adjusted, then spend the extra money on the 4 wheel alignment. It makes no sense to align only half the car.

Toe, Caster and Camber

Many places around Glasgow set your car onto the alignment ramp and receive readings. These readings tell the mechanic where the toe, caster and camber are all sitting. It highlights each of the areas in green or red. So, as you can imagine, if it’s in the green, it’s within tolerance and if it’s within the red, then this area is out of alignment.

Some places will only adjust the toe, because the mechanic thinks this will fix all issues. Unfortunately, this is not correct.

In addition to this, some places will not look at the caster or camber areas of the suspension. Sometimes these areas are time consuming to adjust and may require stripping some parts of the car.

But, the problem is when the garages become to used to just adjusting the toe settings that they don’t bother to look at the caster and camber.

If these areas are easy to adjust, then we will adjust them for our standard fee. Afterall, the suspension and ride experience will improve as a result. However, if these areas are difficult and time consuming to reach, then we would discuss the additional costs with you.

Keep in mind that corroded track rod ends and adjustable bolts require more work to remove.

2 Wheel Alignment

When only 2 wheels can be adjusted, it usually is only the front toe that you can adjust. As mentioned earlier, if we can adjust more without having to strip parts off the car, then we will. But if the front wheels adjust and the rear wheels are unable to be adjusted, then this means that your car will need some suspension repairs. Repairs that require new suspension parts. This is the only way to re-align the car fully.

4 Wheel Alignment

With this service, our fee is double because it’s double the work. As mentioned, if there are specific areas that can’t be adjusted easily, such as the caster for example, then we would need to charge accordingly. This can be discussed with the mechanic who can give you an estimate for the adjustments and for any repair work required.

Dentzap Fees

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