What is Wheel Alignment

Looking to find out more about wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment is simply the angles that your wheels are set to by the vehicle manufacturer. Your car should be driving straight without any steering pull, and the only way to achieve this is with the wheels sitting at specific angles. There are other factors that contribute to this also, such as replacing tyres and leaving the others part worn.

The areas which determine your wheel angles are the toe, camber and caster. These areas can all effect tyre wear, steering wheel angle, steering pull and more.

Wheel Alignment Cambuslang, Glasgow
Jaguar Wheel Alignment

Sometimes drivers neglect maintaining wheel alignment as they don’t feel it’s essential. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

What issues are caused by not having a regular wheel alignment?

Setting the correct wheel alignment angles on your car will not only prevent steering pull, but it will help save you money on tyres. Reason being, your tyres are not dragging or unevenly sided, which would eventually wear on either the inside or outside shoulders.

Correcting wheel alignment will also help with your fuel economy because the car is not fighting against it’s own wheels. This would result in the car revving higher which means burning more fuel than normal.

We offer both 2 wheel and 4 wheel alignment services at our workshop in Cambuslang, Glasgow. Depending on which type of car suspension setup you have, will determine which service you would require.

Read more about the differences of 2 wheel and 4 wheel alignments in our previous blog here.

Dentzap Wheel Alignment
Bentley 4 wheel alignment
Why do wheels not stay in the position set by the manufacturer?

Some reasons why your alignment doesn’t stay at the correct measurements are due to poor maintenance, accident damage, driving into pot holes and bumping up kerbs. Try and avoid pot holes and bumping up kerbs if possible.

When should I take my car for a wheel alignment?

We recommend to align your wheels whenever you have a new set of tyres. If not, then you are costing yourself money.

How long does it take?

Usually within the hour. But depending on what car you have and what you want to achieve, then it varies.

You can find our pricing here.

Which adjustments are made?

Toe is always adjustable but camber and caster all depend on the car. If we can easily adjust all, then we will. Some places who offer wheel alignment in Glasgow will only adjust the toe. If the car needs stripped down then the service is time based.

Anything you are unsure about, just ask us and we will be happy to help.


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