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Air Conditioning

We can repair and recharge your air con system.

Just be aware of which refrigerant your vehicle uses, most are currently fitted with R134A Refrigerant. Due to a law change, all cars from 17 plate onward use a different gas (R1234YF) which we can also recharge for you.

To keep your air conditioning in order, ensure you use it every so often (even in the winter months!) to keep the oil circulating. If the system lies dormant for too long, the refrigerant gas will begin to evaporate.

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When To Recharge My Air Conditioning?

Blowing Warm or Hot Air.

If the air is not as cool as before, it could be down to the need for a recharge with new refrigerant as it gradually depletes over time. Though coupled with multiple symptoms, the system may need a repair.

Strange Noises

This can be an indicator of compressor failure, the air conditioning pump. If bearings in the compressor break down, this can contaminate your vehicles other components with metal particles.

Mechanic working

Air Conditioning Recharge Costs:

£50 + VAT for R134A
£130 + VAT for R1234YF

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