Wheel alignment


Wheel Alignment

We have the latest computerised wheel alignment system and for our customers, who are already booked in, can request to have a free wheel alignment check. Free checks will be offered to any customer who is already booked in, without the obligation of getting their wheels adjusted.

Our wheel alignment system allows us to adjust all four wheels if your vehicle is capable of having all wheels adjusted. We have a huge wheel alignment database which includes standard and bespoke vehicle alignment measurements set by the manufacturer.

Our wheel alignment service is conducted by our specialist on site, here in Cambuslang, Glasgow.

Block 14, Clydesmill Drive, Cambuslang, Glasgow.

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Wheel Alignment Costs

£50 + VAT

Front toe angle – Tyre condition – Tyre pressure set – Road test – Report

£100 + VAT

All of the above including Rear toe angle

From £100 + VAT

We can discuss what you are looking for on your vehicle’s wheel alignment setup.

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