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Scratch repair

Dentzap are an independent vehicle repair shop. You can find us in Cambuslang, Glasgow. From our beginning in 2013, we offered Paintless Dent Repair (PDR), and small vehicle paint repairs. But it didn’t take long for us to expand. Now, we have expanded to offer our customers a range of services. Services including fault and non-fault insurance claims, wheel alignment, mechanical, servicing, and more.

Dentzap - Cambuslang, Glasgow

Vehicle Repair Shop Cambuslang, Glasgow

Within our premises in Cambuslang, the workshop is separate from the main office and reception area. This means our customers can relax and enjoy the complimentary Wi-Fi with a hot drink while they wait on certain services.

The body shop has security measures in place to prevent any vehicle from leaving without authorisation. These include a connected alarm system to prevent unauthorised access. Connected CCTV to allow us to view the unit from anywhere on our phones. So, our customers can relax knowing that their cars are in safe hands.

Paint repair

Body Shop

Our workshop is located at Block 14, Clydesmill Drive, Cambuslang, Glasgow, G32 8RG. From this address we work on all types of body repairs from full resprays to accident damage and PDR which is the process of removing small dents without the need to respray.

We deal with non-fault accident claims which allows you to contact Dentzap if you were involved in an accident which wasn’t your fault. We provide you with a hire car, removing the stress of dealing with insurance companies.

Remember you don’t need to take your vehicle to the body shop that your insurance company instructs. If you prefer to use Dentzap for repairs, just call us and we can talk you through the process.

Services which include wheel alignment, air conditioning and more. Our staff have the experience and knowledge on all makes and models including classic cars and supercars. Our repairs are always of the highest quality finish. We value our customer’s opinions and will always provide an honest and professional service.

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