Car Insurance Claims

Sometimes it’s necessary to make car insurance claims, even when we would rather pay for repairs ourselves. Let’s go through the different types of car insurance claims and explain the process behind a car insurance claim.

Over the past few years, our customers are making more car insurance claims than ever before. This is most likely because of the cost of today’s car repairs. But of course there are other reasons, such as the cost of living increase.

Today’s Cars

Today’s cars are packed full of technology that help the driver and that’s great. Unfortunately there is a downside, which is the cost to replace these parts.

For example, any areas on the car which has ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) installed. These parts are very sensitive and any interruption to them will require at minimum a re-calibration.

As soon as you remove and refit a bumper which has ADAS behind it, your car should have a wheel alignment and a re-calibration to the area which has ADAS installed, otherwise it might not work correctly.

Read more about ADAS.

Car Insurance Claims

Paint & Materials

Other factors which effect the cost of a car repair include the paint and materials as well as gas for the spray booth. Some cars have basecoat paint, some have metallic paint and others have a pearlescent colour. With each step up in paint, it becomes more expensive and if it’s pearlescent, it can become more labour intensive.

When it comes to the cost of living, it has had a major impact on the cost of repairs also. With anything that needs manufactured or transported, then the costs have went up significantly.

In addition, the cost of gas in particular, which is used a lot during the repair process, has multiplied. Meaning the repair costs are, yet again, higher.

So, either the customers pays or the insurance company pays. More often than not, the customers makes a car insurance claim because costs are just too high.

Remember that there will always be repair shops who will repair your car very cheaply. But that is what it is. A very cheap car repair. If you want to see some cheap repairs then take a look at this blog.

Car Insurance Claims

At Fault Car Insurance Claims

This is when you are claiming your own insurance policy. Usually, the at fault driver will have an excess to pay which could be anything from £100 to thousands of pounds. Although, it’s very rare for someone to have an excess into the thousands, but we have seen it a few times!

Insurance policy’s normally have both a compulsary and voluntary excess which need to be paid. This is paid to the repair shop on collection of your car. The insurance company then pays the repair shop, minus the excess paid.

An at fault car insurance claim can be anything from a typical road accident, to general human error. Common accidents can be scraping up against a bollard or reversing into your driveway gates. It can also be vandalism or unknown damage from someone who has driven off after hitting your car.

Car Insurance Claims

Non-Fault Car Insurance Claims

This type of car insurance claim is when there is a road accident which isn’t your fault. Of course, there can be disputes as to who is at fault. Disputes are usually settled between both insurance companies. However, this can take months of discussions between insurance companies.

It doesn’t need to be an insurance company that deals with the road accident, or discusses who is at fault though. It can be an accident management company, otherwise known as a non-fault company.

Some insurance companies sub contract this work out to accident management companies, rather than deal with it themselves.

How Do Non-Fault Companies Make Their Money?

These companies generally make their money by giving the non-fault customer a hire car while their car is off the road. That’s why you always need to take a hire car when going down this route.

The non-fault company will take charge and discuss everything with the third party insurance company.

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