ADAS Technology

Modern cars tend to have some form of ADAS technology and you can see it everywhere on new cars. Motor vehicles are becoming ever increasingly more complex due to the speed at which technology is progressing at.


So, what is ADAS?


– ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, which are electronic systems on modern vehicles to assist drivers.

– These systems assess what is around the car, such as another vehicle or object and even road signs. The reason the modern car has these is to improve driver and pedestrian safety.


Are these systems visible?


Possibly. They sit behind the front bumper and depending on the vehicle, they might be.


Usually on cars such as the Volkswagen Golf you can see this box below the registration plate. Other cars hide it behind the manufacturers badge, and you will notice if the vehicle badge is smooth to touch. Otherwise the radar would not be able to read accurately in front of it.

ADAS Radar

You can also look at the windscreens on modern cars and usually if you see a triangle shape located where the rear-view mirror is, then you can see there is a little camera in this area which enables safety features to help and warn drivers on the road.


ADAS behind emblem ADAS Windscreen


Some examples of what they can do


– Read road signs.

– Work with other cameras on the car to give you that 360-degree birds eye view while reversing into a car parking spot.

– Lane departure warnings.

– Emergency braking.

– Pedestrian protection systems.

– Adaptive cruise control and a lot more.

So, whenever you get a windscreen replacement, you should have your ADAS camera calibrated otherwise it will not work properly and that can be dangerous. Your insurance company will cover the cost of this if your windscreen is replaced.

Damage from a road accident is about to make things more complicated than ever. ADAS technology hiding behind your front bumper will not only cost you money to repair or replace the front bumper, but you also need to have the radar calibrated. Even something as simple as removing and refitting your bumper can throw the radar sensor off.


What if I get a small repair that doesn’t require the removal and refit of the bumper?


If you have a car body shop undertake a quick, cheap smart repair on your car bumper, the area around the sensor has filler, primer, paint and lacquer applied, and all of a sudden, the sensor cannot accurately read through this extra material which has built up along with the change in shape and curvature. Not applying a consistent layer of paint can impact the performance of these sensors.

Many car manufacturers allow for this type of repair but there are some that say you should not be respraying over bumpers with ADAS technology behind it.


Do aftermarket parts have the same issues as genuine parts when it comes to ADAS?


We always recommend genuine car parts and we will always take issue with aftermarket parts. Some of the differences between aftermarket and genuine parts.


– Different materials.

– They don’t fit the same and can make our job more difficult. There is usually a reason that aftermarket parts are cheaper than the genuine car parts.

– They may not be insurance approved.


It makes even more sense to fit genuine parts due to ADAS. Some manufacturers insist that if your bumper has damage or needs paintwork then it requires a new bumper rather than a repair.


Is ADAS here to stay?


Yes, ADAS is here to stay. Even if it does increase the cost of car repairs no matter how small that scuff or scrape is on your car. I won’t be surprised to see an ADAS check implemented into your MOT test in future, after all, an MOT test is to ensure your car is road legal and safe. If ADAS is all about driver and pedestrian safety then I do not think it will be too long before changes are brought into your annual MOT test.

We are now entering an age where fixing your car is very expensive and I believe that most of us will need to claim our car insurance for simple small bumper repairs because of ADAS, unless of course manufacturers change the placement of these sensors.


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