Ferrari F430 Spider F1

 The Ferrari Spider came over to us from Monaco where it seemed to be a little neglected. The car had what appeared to be tree sap from being parked under a tree and we knew this straight away as the bodywork had a slight roughness to it. The car had already been hit multiple times which showed up when we were examining it for previous repairs. There was damage to one of the quarter panels as well as both bumpers having cracks along them. It really should have been a replacement on both front and rear bumpers but the cost to repair was cheaper than replacing them. The rest of the car was dull and didn’t have a nice finish to it from previous paint jobs, so the customer opted to get the full vehicle sprayed. 

First thing to do was to give the car a wash to get off some of the dirt and any possible silicones which may be on the car.  

We stripped parts that needed to come off to enable us to repair them properly, this meant taking the doors, bonnet, sills, door mirrors, roof, glass and many other parts off to do the job correctly.


Ferrari Spider Engine


Ferrari Spider Engine


Ferrari Spider Exterior



We marked out all of the previous damage as well as new damage which had to rectified as there was so much of the car with dents, cracks, dirt in the paint as well as silicones. Parts of the car, such as bumpers, were given a jet wash on the inside to clean it up for us to work on because it’s not good practice to just start repairing cars with dried mud hiding behind the panels.

We decided that we had to mark out all of the damage as there was so much going on that we would have never remembered it all. Upon stripping of the bumpers, we noticed that there were parts which were completely broken off and we had to then recreate the missing pieces using fibre glass otherwise the bumpers would not fit correctly. Both quarter panels had bad repairs from before and we had to block them both down otherwise it wouldn’t have looked right once painted. The same process was done on other parts of the car. 

Ferrari Spider Panel


ex 5.jpg

Ferrari Spider


ex 8.jpg


ex 12.jpg


ex 12.jpg


ex 14.jpg 



After quite some time, once all repairs were completed, we cleaned the car up and got all of the dust off it from when we were repairing. Eventually we got the vehicle into the spray booth so that we could start to mask it up for us to then give the car some coats of primer.


ex 20.jpg


ex 21.jpg



Once the Ferrari was primed and out of the spray booth, we then had to block the whole car down to smooth everything off for a nice, smooth coat of paint to be applied. Once the full car was blocked and cleaned up, it was back into the spray booth for it to be masked up again to allow us to start painting and lacquering. Some other parts such as the sills, bonnet, door mirrors and bumpers were primed and painted separately as there was so many bits that they wouldn’t all fit into the spray booth.


ex 23.jpg


ex 26.jpg


ex 28.jpg


ex 29.jpg


part 1.jpg


part 3.jpg


The rest of the process was to un-mask and then de-nib and polish the Ferrari as well as all of the other parts which were painted separately. We could now build the Ferrari up and slowly we saw it all coming together and the hard work paying off. The wheels were taken away to be refurbished.


ex 35.jpg


ex 37.jpg


ex 40.jpg


Check out our videos to see a short video of the Ferrari once ready to drive away.




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