Air Conditioning Recharge

The summer is here which means it’s time to get your air conditioning recharge. We can recharge the air con gas pretty quickly, usually within the hour.

So, feel free to relax in our reception area while our mechanic recharges the system in your car.


Types of Gas

So, the two main types of air conditioning gas are R1234YF and R134A. The latter is the cheaper of the two and by quite some margin.

Unfortunately if your vehicle is a 17 plate or newer, then your vehicle will have the R1234YF gas, meaning that you will be paying for the more expensive gas.

The reason for this is due to environmental reasons, as it’s not as damaging to the climate as the older R134A gas.

So, the law was changed that meant all cars from 17 plate onwards must have the newer, cleaner gas.

You can’t be cheeky either and recharge air conditioning with the older R134A gas into a newer vehicle though. It won’t be compatible, so it won’t work.

Also don’t worry about any garages putting in the wrong gas, because the connectors are different for both systems, so there is no way you can put the wrong gas in.

At Dentzap, both types of air conditioning recharge are available. So, it doesn’t matter which system you have in your car. You can find our prices on our Air Conditioning page.


Air Conditioning Recharge

Keep in Mind

Your vehicle could have the R1234YF gas even if it’s older than the mandatory 17 plate vehicles. Some cars had these systems in place years before.

To make sure you know which gas your vehicle takes, just check the sticker which is usually located under the bonnet or on the underside of the bonnet.

Sometimes, the stickers just aren’t there due to previous body repairs or panel replacements, where garages have not replaced the sticker.

So, just call the dealer and ask them to confirm which gas the vehicle takes.

On the image above, you can see which type of gas is required.

Air Conditioning Recharge? Aircon? Air Con?

Whatever you want to call it or however you want to spell it, it’s all the same thing.

So, don’t worry about the terminology. Just worry about keeping the system topped up and keeping you and any of your passengers cool.

Mechanical Repairs

Air conditioning systems can be very temperamental and many have issues, even if your vehicle has been looked after.

Many air conditioning systems require repairs to seals or even replacements. Other repairs could mean that the compressor or the air conditioning radiator will also need replaced.

Of course this is never cheap due to the cost of some of these parts, plus the air conditioning recharge afterwards.

Many times customers don’t realise that the system has issues until they have spent money recharging the gas, to then see a few days later that the system is empty again.

Of course, this would not be normal and would signal a major issue with the system.

Modern air conditioning recharge equipment that garages use, should do a very basic leak test. Now, this leak test isn’t 100% accurate but it should notice anything obviously wrong.

The reason why the modern equipment has this built into them, is to help save further environmental damage due to gas leaking our of the system.

In addition, it also saves the customer spending money on air con gas that will just leak out.

As mentioned though, these leak tests are NOT 100% accurate.

We can undertake air conditioning repairs such as replacing compressors, or radiators and recharging the air con gas at very competitive rates.

Read more on our Mechanic in Glasgow blog.

But what you can do to help yourself and your vehicle air con system is try some basic maintenance every now and then.

Basic Maintenance

Inside the air con units is lubricant which helps keep the system functioning properly and the seals from drying out. If you are not using the air conditioning in your car, then the lubricant isn’t moving around the system.

So, stick it on every now and then to help the lubricant move around the system and save you from having to replace dried out seals. In addition, it will also help save you money on air con gas in the future.

It’s that simple!..

And yes, even in the winter!


Are you in need of an air conditioning recharge? Or maybe you need some mechanical works carried out?

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