4 Wheel Alignment VS 2 Wheel Alignment



The reason why you might get your wheel alignment checked is because of issues such as tyre wear, handling problems and a crooked steering wheel. Some other problems which are caused by your wheels not being aligned properly is the engine having to work harder, which will cause it to be sluggish as well as wasting fuel.


Having your wheels aligned properly will not only save you on fuel and tyres but it will improve the vehicle handling and the ride experience.


Some cars only have adjustable front wheels, which usually means that you can adjust the toe, caster and camber on the front wheels only. But when you are offered the service of a 2-wheel alignment, don’t let the option fool you, because in reality you are throwing your money away. This is half a job and doesn’t make sense because if the rear wheels are out of alignment and the front wheels are adjusted but not taking into consideration the rear wheels being out of alignment, then it won’t solve the problem that your vehicle is currently having.

Many places will offer this service to get you in the door of course, but the chances of it fixing your problems are pretty low.




With a 4-wheel alignment system, all wheels are checked and the front wheels are adjusted to compensate for the rear wheels being out of alignment on vehicles where you can only adjust the front.

So yes, your vehicle may not be able to have its rear wheels adjusted, but by knowing that a 4-wheel alignment has taken place on it, then the front has been adjusted to take into consideration the rear wheels also and it should solve any issues of tyre wear etc.

It’s always best to have this check done with a computerised 3D wheel alignment system, rather than an older system such as a laser alignment system which are not as accurate.

Every so often you should get your wheels checked to ensure that they are in alignment, some people opt for every 3 months or maybe even every few thousand miles. If you have driven into a pot hole then this can put your wheel alignment measurements out.


We offer free checks to anyone who wants one without the obligation to go ahead with adjustments!


For peace of mind (or to avoid a hefty bill further down the line) get your car checked with our brand new 3D Wheel Alignment system. Checks are FREE and adjustments required will cost £59.99 + VAT. Give us a call on 0333 002 0128 or drop in and see us!

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