Lamborghini Gallardo Repair and Respray

We've been lucky to have a few supercars through our doors to fix up over the years and this one was no exception!


This Lamborghini Gallardo had various bits of rust all over it as well as some scuffs, scratches and stone chips. Due to the car having damage on almost every panel, painting some of the car wouldn’t look right at all, especially with it being a yellow pearlescent colour, so the customer opted for a full respray.


damage (4).jpg

damage (5).jpg

damage (7).jpg



We had to strip the full vehicle down and clean each panel that we were about to work on, as this is good practice and you need to strip the whole car down to ensure that all parts are painted properly.






The parts which were rusting were buffed down and had a corrosion protection applied. Then it was onto the preparation for paint stage.







Every panel was sanded down and then cleaned up before the car was then masked up for primer.






Primer was applied to the repaired areas, some on the car and some parts separate from the car.







Once the primer was sanded down, it was another clean and a mask up of the car to allow us to paint and lacquer the Lamborghini.






Before building the car up we took it outside to inspect it in the daylight. After inspection we de-nibbed any bits of dirt in the lacquer and then masked up the car and polished it. Once we were satisfied with everything, it was time to build the car up.



before build

before build



You can view the video of the car fully finished on this link…




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