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There are loads of car body shops in Rutherglen who will charge an absolute fortune for dent repairs. This is because these car body shops are generally using older techniques for removing the dent for example grinding the paint back and filling the area with plastic filler or welding the centre of every dent and then metal filing each one and eventually respraying the car panels.

Here at our company we use the PDR method (paintless dent removal). This method allows us to push out the dent without there being any damage to the paintwork of your vehicle. This type of repair process is a cost effective way of removing both dents and dings from your vehicle and will restore your vehicle back to it's former self.

There are a number of different benefits that you and other people in Rutherglen can receive by coming to us for our dent repairs. Firstly you will be able to save money, this is because our method means that our repairs are up to 70% less money than the options at traditional car body shops.

Secondly our method is approved by most insurance companies. This means that if your dents are covered with your insurance then you can get them repaired with this method and get your vehicle back much faster.

Lastly, since nothing will be replaced or removed the vehicle will retain it's factory value as well. This means that if you then go to sell your vehicle then you don't have to report body damage.

If you are in Rutherglen and you would like a free quote for our dent repairs or you have a question about what we can offer then do not hesitate to contact us.

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