Dent Repairs Blantyre

Established several years ago, Dent Zap have built an excellent reputation for providing high quality dent repairs to vehicle owners in and around Blantyre.

Our experienced technicians make use of the PDR method when they are carrying out dent repairs for customers in Blantyre, this method allows our technicians to massage out the dent without there being any damage to the paintwork on the vehicle.

Our technicians utilise the PDR method along with the best tools for a professional finish. Both of this helps them to make sure that each dent repair is carried out accurately.

The fact that we use the PDR method when we are carrying out dent repairs means that the repairs will generally be much quicker and much cheaper, this is because we don’t have to respray the area so it takes less time to repair your vehicle; cutting down the costs too!

Although the price is much cheaper because there is less time spent repairing the dent the price can still vary depending on the location of the dent, the size and whether or not we can access the dent. Before any dent repairs are carried out one of our technicians will take a look at the dent and will give you a free quote, this way you will know what you are expected to pay on completion of the job.

The added benefit of using the PDR method instead of traditional methods of removing a dent is that you will be able to protect your re-sale value. This is because the paintwork of your vehicle won’t be affected where as if you were to go to another car body shop in Blantyre that didn’t use the PDR method then it would be affected.

To arrange for our technicians to take a look at the dent(s) in your vehicle all you have to do is give us a call on 0333 002 0128.

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