Car Respray Costs and Other Questions About Car Respraying Answered

car scratch repair.jpgHave you ever returned to your car to notice a scratch along the bumper or door? Unfortunately, this is an incredibly frustrating occurrence that happens pretty much daily across the country.

If you are proud of your car then these scratches and paint chips may bother you. Respraying part of your car is exactly what you are need to restore your vehicle to its former showroom glory – and it could be a lot less complicated than you expect.

For those of you whose car also has dents, scratches or needs any type of repair, then it may also be worthwhile to get a respray at the same time to completely refresh your vehicle.

Common Questions About Car Respraying Answered

Can You Do It Yourself?

If you are confident in your own ability, then of course you can respray a car yourself. However, most people will not have the time, tools, time or patience needed to do a good job. If you own a classic or expensive car, or would be looking to sell your car in the future, it is always best to use an experienced bodyshop who will be able to identify and prevent any potential issues.

Which Car Bodyshop Should You Choose for a Respray?

A manufacturer approved car dealership may charge a higher sum for a car respray as their overhead costs pushes up their hourly rate. An independent car resprayer will typically be your best bet at a more affordable price. That being said you should be aware of some car resprayers who specialise in crash-damage as they can often try and deceive you for a larger amount of money.

How Much Does a Car Respray Cost?

car respray glasgow.jpgCar respraying costs vary massively for a number of reasons. How skilled the painter is, how damaged the car is, how much of the car you are having resprayed are among the many contributing factors to a car respray valuation.

There are also various level of car respraying. A quick job, for example on a particular panel will, as you can expect, be less expensive than a full job, particularly those where trim and panels need removed.

Classic cars will typically be more expensive than newer cars due to rot or previous bad repairs. However, if this is the kind of car you own then you restoring it to its former glory will be always be worthwhile.

On top of a standard paint job there are also a number of extras you may be interested in paying additionally for such as two-tone paintwork or chrome or matte finishes.

How Long Does it Take?

The amount of time needed to respray a car is dependent on how the bad damage is and how much of your vehicle you need fixed. Panel respraying is usually in one day and out the next, however the average times for a full respray varies from around 2 weeks to a couple of months depending on how bad the vehicle is.

What Does the Process Involve?

Following our own experience at Dent Zap a repair and respray process will typically follow:

STEP 1: Strip trims and any parts off the panel (mouldings, door mirrors, handles, lights).

STEP 2: Dress out (straighten) any damage as best as possible.

STEP 3: Fill with putty which is sanded down and shaped.

STEP 4: Apply primer which bonds to the filler and allows you to paint on top of it.

STEP 5: Paint and lacquer onto paint (for glossy finish) or use a matte lacquer (for matte finish)/

STEP 6: De-nib any bits of dust or dirt which have landed onto the finished paint job. We do this through rubbing the lacquer with a softer type of sand paper which removes dirt.

STEP 7: Once de-nibbed polish back up to make level again.

What Is a Non-Fault Accident?

If your car paint has been damaged through a non-fault accident, it doesn’t need to be a headache to get your car looking great again.

From our independent bodyshop you will receive a like-for-like courtesy car whilst your own is being attended to for non-fault damage. You can watch the short video below for more information about non-fault accidents.

Dent Zap Auto Bodyshop in Glasgow

Dent Zap is a family-run bodyshop based in Glasgow which offers a full range of car work including SMART repairs, car respraying and Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). We initially began with at-home/at-workplace Paintless Dent Repairs before opening our own bodyshop in Glasgow and more recently moving to bigger premises.

Car Bumps, Scratches and Chips Repaired Quickly & Professionally

With over 35 years’ experience in the automotive industry you are in safe the hands with the DentZap team who have the knowledge needed to get your car back on the road at showroom standard with as little inconvenience as possible.

Long-Lasting Car Resprays & Repairs from a Trusted Company

Since 2013 our small business has grown unbelievably thanks to the great support from our customers who are happy with the quality of service we provide. We know how passionate our customers are about their cars, and we endeavour to be equally as passionate in offering the best quality service possible.

To enquire about getting your vehicle resprayed, Non-Fault Accidents, or other car services, you can reach us on: or call 0333 002 0128.

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