Wheel Alignment Required?

Signs that may have you thinking if a wheel alignment required include uneven tyre wear, steering wheel pull and poor fuel efficiency among others. But let’s go through the most common signs.

Glasgow wheel alignment

Uneven tyre wear is usually an obvious sign because the tyre is fighting against the pull of the car. Basically, the tyre is getting dragged along the road by the car, causing the uneven tyre wear. The car will always win causing the tyre to lose tread and show unusual wear on areas that it shouldn’t.

Steering wheel pull is caused when the wheel axle is not set to the correct manufacturers measurements. Therefor, causing the cars steering to pull in a direction that you don’t want it to. This is why your steering wheel pulls to one side.

The fight from the wrongly set wheel alignment will also cause your car to burn more fuel. The engine works harder as the car is fighting against the direction of the misaligned wheels.

What are the other signs or reasons show that a wheel alignment is required?

Another sign that point towards a wheel alignment is when you experience some vibration from the car, other than the obvious road vibrations.

All of the above factors will also contribute to the safety of the car from the worn tyres to the handling of the cars steering.

It’s more important than ever to have a regular wheel alignment due to ADAS technology on all new cars. You can read more about ADAS technology here. Every aspect of the car communicates with itself on modern cars and the same goes with ADAS. Safety is the main reason for ADAS systems, therefore they need accurate readings from all over the car. Manufacturers recommend having a wheel alignment before any ADAS calibration is undertaken. Reason being, there are sensors in the steering rack which communicate with other aspects of the car, such as the ADAS sensors. ADAS is here to stay which means cars will become even more sophisticated in future.

An example of what ADAS sensors look like.

The first image has a smooth emblem, indicating ADAS behind the emblem.


The second image shows a small ADAS Radar box which is visible at the bottom of the front bumper.

ADAS Radar

Lastly, this image shows a triangle at the top of the windscreen with a camera looking to read the road in front.

ADAS Windscreen

The cost of wheel alignment?

wheel alignment required

The cost of wheel alignment is not expensive in comparison to what it will eventually cost you. Costs such as tyres, suspension parts that have worn quicker than they should and of course the ever rising cost of fuel. So, save yourself money and look after your car with an inexpensive wheel alignment.

We offer our wheel alignment service here at our workshop in Cambuslang, Glasgow.

You can find our wheel alignment page which highlights the costs of this service here.

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What can Dentzap do for you?

We offer many different services from our workshop in Cambuslang.

If it’s replacement tyres that you need, then we can usually provide the tyres that you need for your car. We offer a mechanical service for any suspension parts that need replaced. In addition to those new tyres or suspension parts, we can undertake a wheel alignment for you to help you get the most out of your new parts.

Take a look at our Dentzap Services page to find out more about the different services that we offer in Cambuslang.


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