Wheel Alignment Cost

The question of ‘how much does a wheel alignment cost?’, all depends on what type of vehicle you have. In addition, there are other variables involved which determine how much you will spend on a wheel alignment.

So, let’s highlight some of the variables and hopefully it will give you an idea of what you will have to pay.


Vehicle Type

You have probably heard of 2 and 4 wheel alignment but unsure of what the difference is and what option you need. Well, your vehicle will determine which option you need.

It all depends on the suspension setup of your vehicle. Your vehicle will be adjustable at the front, and some vehicles are more adjustable than others at the front, more on this later.

Some vehicles have a solid rear axle suspension. This means that the rear wheels cannot be adjusted as they are connected by a single beam.

However, if your vehicle has an independent rear suspension, it means that each rear wheel, just like each front wheel, will be adjustable.

So, if your car has an adjustable, independent suspension, both front and rear, then you will need to opt for the 4 wheel alignment option. If your car only has 2 adjustable wheels, which are the front, then you can only opt for the 2 wheel alignment.

Usually if you have a more inexpensive car, you will find that you can only opt for a 2 wheel alignment. But, if you have a high performance sports car then you will be able to adjust all 4 wheels.

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Wheel Alignment Cost

Wheel Alignment Cost

Now, remember if you choose 2 wheel alignment, and all 4 wheels are adjustable, then you are wasting your money. There is no point adjusting only half of your car because it saves you some money initially. Soon you would realise that by neglecting the rear wheels, you will be wearing through your tyres and the drive comfort won’t be very good. So, in the long run, it will actually cost you more money because you will need to replace tyres more often.

Basic wheel alignment does not cost a lot of money. But, depending on your car, and your preferences, you can spend a lot more to align the car specifically. For example, on racing cars, you might want to set the wheel alignment to something specific that suits the track. But for most of us, the manufacturer settings are perfect.

Suspension Adjustments

Let’s stick with a simple explanation, rather than getting technical.

Normally, the mechanic can adjust the toe quite easily, so this always gets adjusted. In addition to the toe, is the caster and camber.

Depending on the vehicle, and which wheel alignment shop, they may or may not adjust the camber and caster. The reason for this is because some vehicles are more difficult to adjust than others. And some shops put more effort in than others when it comes to wheel alignment.

Remember, if you have a solid rear axle and the alignment is out, it means that you have suspension damage. Don’t worry though, we can help you with any suspension replacement work required.


Wheel Alignment Cost


Dentzap Wheel Alignment

At Dentzap, we can offer both 2 wheel alignment and 4 wheel alignment.

We can also offer additional wheel alignment services, depending on your needs and the type of vehicle you have. We carry out a lot of work for longer vehicles, for example, a limousine wheel alignment. Most places won’t touch this type of vehicle.

If we can adjust the camber and caster then we will adjust them. Keep in mind that the caster and camber can be more labour intensive to adjust. But, we can discuss this with you and workout a fair wheel alignment cost to adjust these suspension areas.

If you are looking for a specific setup, then these costs will be discussed with our wheel alignment specialist.

You can find more about our wheel alignment cost under our Services page.


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