Tips to Pass Your MOT Test

In need of some tips to pass your MOT test? Here are some tips to help you increase the chances of a pass.


As soon as your car turns 3 years old, it is a legal requirement to put it through an MOT test. This ensures that the car is safe and roadworthy. However, you are allowed to drive the car over to have it’s MOT test after the MOT expiry has passed.

Quick Tip
If your car MOT has expired, then the car must be booked into the MOT station before you can legally drive it. So don’t go shopping in another city while your MOT test is booked for later in the day. That’s illegal!


Nearly half of all cars fail their MOT test. These fails can be something very minor or very serious. The three are categorised as ‘minor’, ‘major’ and ‘dangerous’. You cannot drive the car if anything is classed as ‘major’ or ‘dangerous’.

The emissions check is very strict and will fail if the MOT tester notices smoke coming from the exhaust or the absence of the DPF (Diesel Particular Filter). The DPF captures soot from diesel engines which helps keep emissions down. However, if you have an electric car then obviously you don’t need to worry about this part of the MOT test.

Quick Tip
Do you have a diesel engine vehicle which that only travels short journeys? You should take the car on a longer than normal journey on the motorway to help the car reach the correct temperature to burn the soot from the DPF. This can be the difference between a pass or fail when it comes to the MOT emissions.


Exterior Checks


Firstly, all tyres must have at least 1.6mm of tread depth left. You can buy tread depth gauges for very little money which you can use all the time to ensure that your tyres are legal.

Secondly, check for any bulges or cuts in the side wall of each tyre as this will be a fail.

Headlight tips to pass your MOT test


All lights must be working. When we say all lights, we mean all. So check your headlamps, indicators, reverse lights, brake lights, daytime running and registration light.

Quick Tip
Have someone walk around the car while you test your lights or use the reflection.



Ensure that your wipers can clean the windscreen well enough to help your view of the road. The washer bottle bottle must be in working condition and the bottle topped up.


Ensure nothing is blocking the view of the driver side and remove phone holders and satellite navigation systems. Get cracks and large chips fixed.

Registration plate tips to pass MOT test

Registration plates

There is quite a few things you need to check with number plates. Plenty of information here on registration plates.


All doors should be able to open and close properly from both the inside and outside. They should be able to remain firmly shut.

Body tips to pass MOT test

General body condition

Most people don’t have the luxury of a ramp at home to look underneath their car for corrosion to the structure. However, you can check the bodywork to look for any dangerous damage such as sharp edges from a damaged panel or panels not securely fitted. We offer many different services, so we can sort this out for you. Take a look at all the services that we offer here that can help you pass your MOT test.

Make sure that your fuel filler cap is secure and undamaged. In addition, don’t forget to check that your mirrors are not broken.

Under the bonnet MOT tips

Under the bonnet

Have your oil and brake fluid reservoir topped up to allow the MOT tester to conduct the emissions check. In addition, if you notice any leaks, then you need to get this rectified.

Interior Checks

Warning lights

Ensure that there are no lights showing up when you turn your ignition on.


You need to check all seatbelts for any cuts, frays, holes and any other damage. You need to make sure that all seatbelts click into place securely.


Give it a beep! If it doesn’t beep, it could just be a fuse.

Hopefully these tips to pass your MOT test will help. These are all pretty straightforward things to check too. Feel free to contact us about more information on your MOT test.


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