Run Flat Tyres

Let’s be honest, run flat tyres aren’t too popular with drivers due to a couple of main factors. The ride is not as comfortable, and they tend to cost more money than your conventional tyre. Run flat tyres aren’t all bad though.


What are the benefits of run flats?


There is literally millions of potholes on our roads and things are worse because of COVID. Both economically and road maintenance neglect due to the retched virus.

Now imagine you are driving along the road with your conventional tyres. Then you happen to drive over a pothole and puncture your car’s tyre. You are now stranded on the road, and what’s worse is manufacturers tend not to give spare wheels with modern car’s.


So what do you do? Do you have breakdown cover?


Let us assume you do not.

You are stranded with a punctured tyre and you’re not going anywhere fast. What’s worse is that you are on a country road, so right away you are in a dangerous situation.

So, you call your breakdown recovery company and if you have never looked up the costs to recover your vehicle, many factors are considered, including:


– The callout charge

– The winch charge if your car needs a winch

– Miles travelled

– Make and model of your vehicle.


There are other factors but I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. It adds up quickly! Quickly into the hundreds potentially.

Let’s assume now, that you had run flat tyres on your vehicle instead of the conventional tyres.

You happen to go over a pothole, but this time it’s different. You can continue driving, rather than sitting stationary in the middle of a country road. So, right away you are out of harm’s way. Your run flat tyres can get you to your local tyre shop or somewhere safer providing it’s within approximately 50 miles of the puncture location.


The cost of these tyres also puts me off.


Yes, you pay more for run flat tyres over conventional tyres. If you had a puncture in the middle of nowhere without any breakdown cover, they are worth the extra cost after you factor in the above charges that I mentioned.


I have breakdown cover now.


If you have breakdown cover and prefer a more comfortable ride then the only issue you will have is the danger aspect of becoming stranded in the middle of nowhere with a puncture. I don’t know about you but I’d rather pay the extra cost of run flat tyres to keep me out of harm’s way.

Hopefully, this gives you an alternative view of the argument, but all drivers are different, and our journeys are all very different. So its best you choose what is right for you.

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