Registration Plates

Did you know we create registration plates?

We create registration plates often enough due to the many accident damaged vehicles we repair. Of course there is always customers who have purchased new private number plates that they want fitted onto their car. You just need to have the correct documents that will allow us to print registration plates for you.

Rules set by the DVLA determine which must and must not be on the number plates. So, read on to find out more.

What documents do I need to have my registration plates printed?

The most common documents people use are the vehicle V5 and their drivers license. However, depending on your situation, this link from the DVLA website will show you all the different options.

What changes can me made to customize my registration plates?

We can add a border around the plate which can make it stand out a little more but it’s very limited due to the rules set by the DVLA. Although we print plates, we are not a supplier who will add 3d characters or flags etc, as it’s just an additional service that we offer for customers who want new registration plates. You can click this link and find out what you are allowed to do to customize your plates.

Do the business details have to be on the number plates?

We must include our business name ‘Dentzap‘ and our post code ‘G32 8RG’, along with our British standard number. This is a legal requirement. So, there is no exceptions.

Can I change the letter sizes?

The rules on letter sizes and styles are very strict, so it’s best to click on this link and read more on this.

What are the costs to have plates made up?

Each registration plate costs £15 + VAT (£30 + VAT for a set). Fitting can cost up to £30. If you want us to fit the number plates, then it’s best to make an appointment by calling us or sending an email on our contact page.


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