Previous Car Repairs

We at Dentzap take pride in our workmanship and it’s evident with the previous car repairs carried out on some fantastic cars.

You can view some of our work before repair and after the car repairs were completed. Just click onto our Gallery page.

However, there has been other previous car repairs carried out here at Dentzap.

Some cars come in for all types of car body repairs. Some repairs which could be a simple Paintless Dent Repair (or PDR for short).

Unsure of what PDR is? Just click onto our previous blog, PDR, which can explain what it is in more detail.

Other cars have just been involved in a road accident and the damage is extreme. When the damage is extreme, the customer usually claims their insurance But when it’s not the customers fault, then we can still claim the insurance, but it would be the third party insurance.

You can read more about these services as well as why you are best to choose Dentzap for repairs.

Just click onto our Car Body Shop Glasgow blog to find out more.


Other customers have a supercar or a classic car that they want restored to it’s former glory.

For example, this is the Lamborghini Gallardo which needed a full respray. There was some rust and dents on the car which needed repaired before we could fully respray the car. In addition to that, the car had a striking yellow pearlescent colour which meant that it was best to give the car a full respray.

You can read more about it on our previous blog Lamborghini Gallardo Repair and Respray. You can also view the video on YouTube which shows the car finished.

Another was the Ferrari F430 Spider which was another vehicle in major need of a full respray along with multiple dent repairs. The Ferrari wasn’t in great condition when it arrived in our workshop. But once we got our hands on it, the car was looking great once more.

Again, you can read more about the work involved in repairing this Ferrari F430 Spider F1. Also take a look at the YouTube video, just before the customer took it away.

Other Cars

Some cars below include other Ferrari’s, Land Rover, Aston Martin’s, Bentley’s and the Rover Mini. Of course, there has been many more but these are just some of the images that we have found.

Yes, we know they are not the greatest quality as we didn’t have plans on using the images for any blogs.

But going forward we will take more!

So for now, enjoy the blogs that were previously posted. Also remember, we are more than a body repair shop. We offer MOT testing, servicing, general mechanical and more.

Take a look at our other services blog Services Info for a full list of what Dentzap can offer you.


Ferrari previous car repairs  Ferrari


Previous Car repairs Dentzap Mechanic in Glasgow

Land Rover

  Land Rover previous car repairs

Aston Martin & Bentley

Aston Martin previous car repairs Bentley previous car repairs

Dentzap Aston Martin Dentzap Aston Martin

Dentzap Bentley previous car repairs Dentzap Bentley

Rover Mini

Rover Mini previous car repairs Rover Mini Rover Mini previous car repairs

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