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Wheel Alignment Cambuslang

Wheel Alignment Required?

Signs that may have you thinking if a wheel alignment required include uneven tyre wear, steering wheel pull and poor fuel efficiency among others. But let’s go through the most common signs. Uneven tyre wear is usually an obvious sign because the tyre is fighting against the pull of the car. Basically, the tyre is…

April 13, 2022
Tips to pass your MOT test

Tips to pass your MOT test

In need of some tips to pass your MOT test? Here are some tips to help you increase the chances of a pass.   As soon as your car turns 3 years old, it is a legal requirement to put it through an MOT test. This ensures that the car is safe and roadworthy. However,…

April 6, 2022

MOT – The Importance

The importance of an MOT test cannot be understated. Once your car is 3 years old, it must have an annual MOT test. In other words, it’s compulsory. MOT – The Importance If we didn’t have a compulsory MOT test each year, we would have a lot of unsafe vehicles on the road. We all…

March 1, 2022

Previous Car Repairs

We at Dentzap take pride in our workmanship and it’s evident with the previous car repairs carried out on some fantastic cars. You can view some of our work before repair and after the car repairs were completed. Just click onto our Gallery page. However, there has been other previous car repairs carried out here…

February 2, 2022
Registration plates

Registration Plates

Did you know we create registration plates? We create registration plates often enough due to the many accident damaged vehicles we repair. Of course there is always customers who have purchased new private number plates that they want fitted onto their car. You just need to have the correct documents that will allow us to…

January 6, 2022