MOT – The Importance

The importance of an MOT test cannot be understated. Once your car is 3 years old, it must have an annual MOT test. In other words, it’s compulsory.

MOT – The Importance

If we didn’t have a compulsory MOT test each year, we would have a lot of unsafe vehicles on the road. We all know how difficult it is to see a car without any lights on. It’s dangerous. Similarly, imagine the brakes failed causing accidents on the road or potentially running into pedestrians.  Some items checked on the car include the lights and brakes. To clarify, it’s a check mainly for safety.


The MOT checklist includes inspection on the brakes, structure, tyres, horn, emissions and a lot more.

The full MOT checklist set by the DVSA can be found here.

To conclude, you must keep your car safe and roadworthy to pass it’s MOT test, which we can have carried out for you. Look at the full test checklist to make sure your car is safe. However, if you are unsure then we can undertake the repairs required to pass it’s MOT test.

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