MOT Testing

The MOT in ‘MOT Testing’ stands for Ministry of Transport. This is a compulsory test that you must have undertaken by the DVSA approved MOT station.

Once your vehicle has become 3 years old, you must book it in for a test each year.

This is to ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy, otherwise, your car insurance will be invalidated. You’re also probably going to receive a large fine.

It’s illegal to drive your car without an MOT certificate. Simple.


When does my car not require an MOT test?


If your vehicle is less than 3 years old, relax, you won’t need to worry about the test right now.

If you have a car that is the grand old age of 40 years old, congratulations, your car is now exempt from MOT testing.

However it’s still incredibly dangerous to drive a car that isn’t safe and there is a reason that it’s mandatory to have an MOT test once the car is 3 years old.

The best thing you can do with a car that is 40 years old, is to keep on top of it and ensure that you have it looked over by an MOT tester or a qualified mechanic.

Your insurance company will expect your car to be roadworthy so you’ll need to keep looking after it which I’m sure you would want to especially when a car over 40 years old, is most likely a cherished classic car.


So, what happens if booking an MOT test slips your mind?


Well, you are allowed to drive to your local MOT station providing the car is safe to do so and your local MOT station has your car booked in. If you get stopped by the police then they will want to see the proof of this, so don’t risk it.

If you are unsure if your car has a valid MOT certificate then you can have a look at this link

It’s also helpful if you are buying a used car to have a look at this link as it provides the current MOT expiry date, mileage, defects and advisories and view the test certificate. You can also see any outstanding vehicle recalls which is handy.


What does an MOT tester look at when inspecting your vehicle?


During MOT testing, the items that the tester inspects include the following:

– Exterior

– Interior

– Under the bonnet

– Under the vehicle

– Brake test

– Emissions


A full checklist can be found here


If your car fails its MOT test, we can undertake the repairs to ensure it’s roadworthy, safe and legal again. We can even arrange your MOT test with one of our working partners.

Read more about passing your MOT Check.


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