MOT check

Most cars need an MOT check every year with the exception of cars over 40 years old. Let’s go through some things that are checked by the tester when your car is booked in for it’s MOT test.
Which areas are checked during the MOT test?

Areas looked at during an MOT check include the interior, exterior, under the bonnet and under the vehicle.

The interior areas will cover the tester checking the following;

Seat belts, warning lights, switches such as headlamp and hazards, brakes, steering, speedometer, doors, mirrors and the horn.

The exterior areas;

Registration plates and the plate lamps, indicators, headlamps (including aim), fog lamps, reflectors, wheels and tyres, suspension components such as the shock absorbers, mirrors, wiper blades and fuel tank cap, doors, boot lid, bonnet and loading doors. Other items include towbars and the general condition of the vehicles body.

Under the bonnet;

The vehicle structure, braking system, suspension, exhaust system and fuel system and finally steering & power steering.

Other areas checked by the MOT centre include an emissions test which determines the level of air pollutants emitted from a vehicles exhaust. The reason of course is obvious, to help reduce pollution which is harmful to the environment and ourselves.

Can I view a list of all items checked during my cars MOT test?

Yes, by visiting this link here, you can see the full breakdown.

What can I do to help my car pass the MOT test?

Look for any warning lights on your dash. We can diagnose the fault and discuss the repairs with you. Check your lights and horn and make sure they all work. Tyres must be within the 1.6mm tread depth and free from any bulges or other damage that will require a replacement tyre. Consult your vehicle manual which will show you how to check your fluid levels on the car, such as the power steering, engine oil and screen wash. Window wipers must be in working condition. Also check the windscreen glass is not cracked. The same applies to mirror glass.

Silly things that may cause your vehicle to fail an MOT check.

Some things that people don’t actually think about but could cause an issue during it’s MOT test include clutter and rubbish. Nothing that obstructs your view such as a phone holder or a sat nav stuck onto the window directly in front of you. It’s best to remove these before the test.

Custom registration plates also need to adhere to the standards required, especially since they have recently brought in new changes to custom registration plates. You can read more here on the government website.

We can diagnose any faults and undertake repairs before your MOT test is due. We can make sure that your car is safe and roadworthy before we give your car it’s annual MOT check. Just give us a call or come over to our shop on Clydesmill Drive in Cambuslang, Glasgow. We offer a range of different services which you can read more about here. If finances are causing you to worry about your upcoming MOT test, then read more about our finance arrangements here.


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