MOT Backlogs

Since the start of the pandemic, the country pretty much just shut down and came to a complete halt, which meant there were almost no cars on the roads.

The MOT extension was introduced for cars, vans and motorcycles with MOT’s that were set to expire between 30th March and 31st July 2020. This has created a rush of vehicle owners to have their MOT tests booked. Due to this MOT extension, vehicle owners are struggling to book their cars in for their annual MOT test. There just isn’t enough hours in the day to test all these cars.

Don’t get caught with the MOT testing backlogs caused by COVID19! Even if it means booking in at a garage further away.

• According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVLA), one in five vehicles need retested since the extension was introduced.

The MOT backlogs have found that many garages are finding cars to be worse than expected. Customers wanting to book a service in at the same time and of course making the backlog worse than predicted.
Common failures include issues with suspension components which are usually the biggest MOT test failure.

Other issues include;

• Brakes
• Tyres

These are all unexpected issues for drivers which increase how long a garage will be working on each vehicle. This creates an even longer backlog. And let us not forget the state of our roads which are not helping drivers either. There are millions of potholes that need rectified which increases the repair costs due to damaged suspension parts and tyres.

MOT testers are getting caught out and are struggling to complete their annual training due to the backlog of MOT’s.
When the tester misses their training deadline, they cannot test, which causes drivers to scramble to other garages for an MOT.

• All of these contribute to many people driving unsafe cars with an estimated one in seven cars that MOT test garages should be failing.

It is important to have your car booked in for its MOT test as soon as possible because driving a vehicle which is not safe is an offence, and it could land you with nasty fine of up to £2,500.

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