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Customers ask us some frequently asked questions enough that we’ve put together this FAQ that should help you out. Over time we will put together a more in-depth FAQ relating to each service that we offer. Hopefully this will help in the meantime.


Do I need an appointment to have my car looked at?

It’s always best to book an appointment for us to look at your vehicle. This way we can make sure that we don’t keep you waiting. But, you don’t need an appointment though. Feel free to come over and we should be able to help you out right away.


Where are you based and what is your opening hours?

We are based in Cambuslang at Block 14 Clydesmill Drive, Glasgow, G32 8RG

We always keep our opening hours updated with Google. Just simply google Dentzap and you will find our most up to date opening hours along with other relevant details.

Our opening hours as of this writing are Monday to Friday 830 am until 530 pm and Saturday 9 am until 1 pm.


Do you provide a Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) service?

When we opened in 2013, we only offered PDR, but very quickly, we offered paintwork as most dents are not repairable through PDR. We tried something different but the demand for us to do paintwork was too much, therefore we continued what we used to do and began to branch out into offering other services.


What other services does Dentzap offer other than body shop repairs?

We offer all types of body shop repairs from PDR to paintwork, accident damage car smashes where we deal with your insurance company for you. Anything that needs painted then we should be able to help with most things.

We offer several different services here at our workshop in Cambuslang. Services include 4 wheel alignment, air conditioning recharges, number plates and more. It’s best to call us if you are unsure what else we offer. Maybe you want some advice? Then just speak with us and hopefully we can help.

Frequently asked questions about our additional services offered can be found here.


Looking for high quality car repairs near you? We offer numerous services to keep your car looking great and running smoothly from our headquarters in Cambuslang, Glasgow. Read about our other services here.

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