Branding Change

Since our beginning in 2013, our Dentzap logo and branding hasn’t changed.

After a number of years, it was time that Dentzap needed a branding change. We began as a paintless dent repair (PDR) service and very quickly, we moved into small paintwork repairs. We had a logo which stood out. It was eye catching because it was different from other logos in the motor industry. Over the last 8 years we have grown exponentially, and we offer so much more than we did in 2013.


It wasn’t long before we offered larger paintwork repairs and insurance claims where customers wanted to use us for repairs. When we began larger work, we had to get a bigger unit to speed up the process, get more equipment and a place to store the ever-increasing number of vehicles. It’s amazing how quickly cars from MINIs and SUVs to long wheel-based vans take up space.

We dealt predominately with accident damage which meant at times we had to take cars elsewhere for specialist works. Services such as wheel alignments, air conditioning recharges and more. This wasn’t ideal because we didn’t get paid for this along with the hassle of often leaving the workshop. So, we got our own wheel alignment system, air conditioning units and our licence to print vehicle registration plates.

Our customers noticed we offered more than just dent repairs and were asking questions of what else we offer.

It wasn’t long before customers were asking us ‘Can you MOT my car?’.

MOT Station

So of course, we applied to the DVSA, and they accepted our application to become an MOT testing station. When offering MOT testing, it also meant that we openly promote mechanical repairs, servicing, diagnostics, tyres and more. We have always taken on mechanical repairs if we had an accident damaged vehicle which had to be repaired, but we didn’t offer the service out with this.

Branding Change

Now offering all these services from our workshop located at Block 14, Clydesmill Drive in Cambuslang, Glasgow, it was time for a branding change. Our logo was stuck in the past and we needed to fix this. Our previous logo screamed ‘SMART’ repairs, rather than a premium, high quality repair shop which offered other services. We also didn’t like the old logo splitting up our business name which has caused some confusion over our actual, official name. We just went with it also which wasn’t the best thing to do, as you can see the business name ranking on search engines such as Google for both one word and two words.

New Branding

Our new logo is below, so if you notice on social media or anywhere on the internet that it looks like there are more than one Dentzap, there isn’t. There is only one Dentzap. We are not a franchise.

Dentzap Logo White

We offer so much more than just dent repair. MOT testing for example and we offer mechanical repairs such as brakes pads, discs, services, suspension repairs and wheel alignment, air conditioning and more. But remember, we are still and will always offer vehicle body shop repairs, be it accident damage, paintwork issues such as scratches or previous poor repairs, full resprays and of course PDR.

You can read more details into the services that we offer here.

If we don’t offer a service, then we should be able to help you out with who does.


Looking for high quality car repairs near you? We offer numerous services to keep your car looking great and running smoothly from our headquarters in Cambuslang, Glasgow.

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