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Dentzap branding change

Branding Change

Since our beginning in 2013, our Dentzap logo and branding hasn’t changed. After a number of years, it was time that Dentzap needed a branding change. We began as a paintless dent repair (PDR) service and very quickly, we moved into small paintwork repairs. We had a logo which stood out. It was eye catching […]

September 7, 2021
Bentley Continental GT frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ   Customers ask us some frequently asked questions enough that we’ve put together this FAQ that should help you out. Over time we will put together a more in-depth FAQ relating to each service that we offer. Hopefully this will help in the meantime.   Do I need an appointment to have my car […]

August 28, 2021
RSC Stamped Run Flat Tyre

Run Flat Tyres

Let’s be honest, run flat tyres aren’t too popular with drivers due to a couple of main factors. The ride is not as comfortable, and they tend to cost more money than your conventional tyre. Run flat tyres aren’t all bad though.   What are the benefits of run flats?   There is literally millions […]

August 19, 2021
Car repairs Glasgow

Dentzap Services

Car Repairs Glasgow Searching on Google for car repairs Glasgow? Dentzap offer a range of different services to get your car back to it’s best, so keep on reading! MOT Centre   Recently we have been authorised by the DVLA to undertake Class 4 MOT testing. This means if your car, small van or motor […]

August 4, 2021
Finance your vehicle repairs with Dentzap

Finance Your Vehicle Repairs

Finance Your Vehicle Repairs with Dentzap and Bumper Finance   Cars are great and once you own one, you feel relieved that you don’t need to commute on public transport. No more sitting on the bus watching cars drive past while your journey is start-stop all the way home.   But what if your car […]

July 30, 2021