Car Service and MOT

Dentzap can take care of your car service and MOT when the time comes. We always recommend the minimum manufacturers service to be carried out.

There is more to this but this is a good start to care of your car properly.

Let’s explore some variables involved.

Car Service

When it comes to your car service, there are many places that don’t cost a lot of money.

But, there is always a reason why some services cost very little money.

When servicing a car you should always use the correct oil. Otherwise, you could be looking at costly engine and emissions system issues. Issues such as the DPF (diesel particulate filter) or EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) clogging up. This all leads to premature engine wear.

Unfortunately, some places will put anything in your car.

Car service and MOT

Type of Vehicle

Another variable which can impact costs are the type of vehicle that you need servicing. Some cars are more difficult to service than others due to the location of filters etc. And there is no hiding in the motor trade. We’ve seen cars with only a part service because there’s some areas which are difficult to get to.

In addition to this, the better the car that you have, the bigger the service. So, there is a reason why some high end cars can cost thousands of pounds to service!

If you like high end cars, then take a look at our Car Garage blog and see the types of cars that we regularly work on.

Car service and MOT

Dentzap Car Service

Dentzap will always give you the best advice for your car. And where do we get this advice?

The manufacturers of course.

The manufacturers set a minimum service requirement depending on your cars age, mileage, and time since your last service.

And not only do we carry out the minimum recommended service specified by the manufacturer. But we also ask questions about how you drive your car.

For example, if you only drive very short distances and your car has only two thousand miles since your last service, then don’t fool yourself into thinking you don’t need a service. The oil in your car is not getting up to the correct temperature which will impact the running of the vehicle.

Hybrid cars can be quite bad for this due to the stop start nature of them.

So, you might find that you need a car service sooner than some with a few thousand motorway miles since their last service.

Mechanic in Glasgow

Car Care

You are now aware that when it comes to car care, there are so many variables involved. Variables include how hard you drive your car, the type of miles that you drive and if the car has went through a remapping and more.

The bottom line is this. How well do you want to care for your car?

If you only want an oil change with a new oil filter, that’s fine with us, we can price that accordingly for you.

But we can speak with you to find out how you drive your car and what service the manufacturer recommends.

Interim Service

The interim service is also known as a minor service which is generally carried out annually. And that’s why many people opt for a car service and MOT at the same time.

The interim service includes an oil change, oil filter, engine air filter change and general check up.

The general check up is focused on particular areas. These include screen wash, brakes, suspension components, tyres, warning lights and more.

Major Service

A major service is generally every two years which includes a closer inspection on the areas checked during the interim service.

In addition, other items are checked during the major service. These generally include fuel pipes, exhaust, moisture content, coolant strength checks to ensure anti-freeze protection for the engine and more.

All of the information to perform the correct manufacturer service is available to us.

Again, both interim and major services are manufacturer dependent.

So, the service costs will always vary due to the type of car that you have, and all of the other variables mentioned previously.

Car service and MOT


The MOT test is an annual inspection to ensure the safety and roadworthiness of your car.

For most cars, once it’s 3 years old, you must hand it over to an MOT station for them to perform the MOT test. This is the law.

Multiple areas of your car are inspected during the MOT test. Areas which include your lights, suspension, tyres, seatbelts, exhaust, brakes and more.

Is it time for your MOT test?

We can have the MOT test arranged and carry out any repairs on any areas which failed.

This would save you running your car over to another shop for body repairs, and even mechanical repairs. We do all repairs in-house.

VT20 and VT30

During the MOT test, each item is marked down as either a pass, fail or advisory. Any item that has been marked as a fail must be repaired before you will receive your VT20.

Your VT20 certificate is your pass certificate and allows you to carry on driving the car until your next MOT test is due.

If you receive the VT30 fail certificate, then our MOT tester will explain which item(s) failed. We should then be able to give you a repair estimate to help your car pass the MOT test.

You can read about some questions regarding your MOT test on our previous blog MOT Check.

Why not book a service in at the same time as your MOT check?

And as mentioned already, Dentzap offer multiple services to keep your car running smoothly and looking great.

Read our Services blog to find out about the services that we offer.

So, whether it’s a car service and MOT, air conditioning recharge, wheel alignment or car body repairs.

We undertake most services in-house at our workshop in Cambuslang, Glasgow. Or give us a call on 0333 002 0128 and we can discuss any issues that your car has.


Is your car service and MOT due? Or maybe you need some mechanical works carried out?

We offer numerous services to keep your car looking great and running smoothly from our headquarters in Cambuslang, Glasgow.

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