Car Diagnostic Cambuslang

Dentzap offer many services and one of the most important services that we offer is car diagnostic in Cambuslang.

Cars are getting more complicated each year with new and advancing technology. Technology such as the introduction of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

If you read our blog on ADAS Technology, it should help you understand more about these systems.

These advancing technologies enhance your driving experience and improve the safety of your vehicle, which is always a good thing. But, there is always a downside to more technology. The need for more money to be spent on your car.

The Modern Car

Cars from the past few years in particular, have become more than just mechanical workings. Compare this to cars around in the 70’s where the main issues were bodywork rust for example. It was all mechanical but even then, you needed a good mechanic to diagnose faults with the car.

Fast forward to 2022 and you not only need a good mechanic who can diagnose faults, but you need a mechanic who can use diagnostic equipment.

This is because of the many, many sensors integrated into cars today. It doesn’t matter if it’s the most inexpensive car on the market, it has many sensors all over the car.

Car Sensors

There are sensors in your tyres which alert you when the tyres are losing air. These are great because sometimes, all you have to do is look at your cars tyres and see if there is any damage. Tyre damage such as a nail sticking through your tyre. This is easy to diagnose of course.

There are sensors all over your car, from mechanical parts such as your exhaust system which help control the exhaust gas. If this sensor fails, then it could be the difference between an MOT pass or fail. So, not all sensors are easy to diagnose.

Some tips to pass your MOT test.

Car Diagnostic Cambuslang

Car Diagnostic in Cambuslang

How do you know what is wrong with your car?

Well, car garages have diagnostic equipment which can plug directly into your car. The reading from the car give the mechanic a list of fault codes. But that is only half the battle of course. You need an experienced mechanic who can use the diagnostic equipment and work out the best way to find the cause of the fault codes. Once the mechanic does this, it should be straightforward to explain what mechanical routes will have to be taken in order to rectify the issue.

But sometimes, the mechanic will be able to tell you right away what the mechanical fault is which is great.

Dentzap Mechanical Service

At Dentzap, our vehicle mechanic has the latest car diagnostic equipment available. This ensures that we can work on the latest make and model of vehicle.

If the diagnostic equipment is old and out of date, then the mechanic may need to guess. But we don’t want to guess what is wrong with your car. We want to know right away what the mechanical failure is or at least see the fault codes which lead us to repairing the car.

Previously, we didn’t advertise a mechanical service, only because it was used for our vehicle accident repair service.  We also didn’t offer MOT testing either but if you need your car to pass it’s MOT, then we can check it over and undertake any repairs required to help it pass.

We have an experienced mechanic who will explain the mechanical issue and talk you through the diagnostic process to find any faults with your car and repair them.

Car Diagnostic Cambuslang

Hybrid and Electric Cars

Some people like to fix their own cars, which is fine to a point. But over the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of cars being sold that are either electric or hybrid powered.

These cars are dangerous to work on. There are many precautions that you need to take to ensure your safety while working on them. Not only that, but you could damage the car beyond repair.

We are entering an age where only garages can repair and service cars.

Our mechanic receives the latest training on how to work with these cars, to prevent injury or even death. And of course, to prevent any damage to these types of cars.

Afterall, most cars will either be electric or hybrid in the next few years.

Wheel Alignment Cambuslang

Other Services

With ADAS, and the increasing amount of car sensors, each area of the car should be able communicate the correct information.

Whenever your car needs an ADAS calibration from a car accident, the wheel alignment should also be set back to the manufacturers settings. This is because the sensors that communicate the steering readings must be able to pass the correct information over to the ADAS systems.

We offer a number of services to get your car repaired properly.

Our wheel alignment system can align all 4 wheels (if applicable), usually within an hour. You can find out more about wheel alignment here. For information on wheel alignment costs just click here.

Don’t worry if some of this information on wheel alignment gets overwhelming as our mechanic can explain and show you during a booking.

You can find all of our current services here. But of course, you can always call us or better yet, come over to our repair shop for your car diagnostic in Cambuslang, Glasgow. Find us on Google maps here.


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