Car Dent Repair Glasgow

When it comes to car dent repair in Glasgow, Dentzap should be the car repair shop that you choose.

Let’s explore why.

Most cars have some form of dent or paint scratch. But if you are like our other customers, you will always want your car dent free and looking great.

Let’s start with the best possible dent repair method first.

Car Dent Repair Glasgow



Well, for starters we offer our PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) service which is the process of removing small dents without having to respray the panel. The PDR process is a specialist technique that allows us to carefully remove the dent using specialist tools.

The PDR method is always best because it doesn’t effect the original paint on the car. Usually, the customer will have their car back on the same day. Compare this to having to fill the dent and respray the panel, along with any other panels that will need a blend.

This method of dent removal is less time consuming and usually costs a fraction of a traditional car dent repair in Glasgow. As great as that is, keep in mind that PDR is very limited due to access issues as well as dent severity.

Read more in our previous blog PDR to understand the process better.

Car Dent Repair Glasgow


Car Dent Repair

If PDR is not a suitable dent repair method, then we can repair the damaged panel to a very high standard.

At Dentzap, we have a fully equipped car body shop which includes premium quality repair materials.

You just need to look at our Google reviews to have an understanding of the quality of our dent repairs.

Of course, there are other platforms that you could look at to read more reviews on.

At Dentzap, we go that extra mile to ensure that any car damage is repaired to high standard.

Each stage of our dent repair process is inspected to ensure that the dent has been repaired perfectly. It has to be perfect. In addition to this, we make sure that the colour is as close to the original colour as possible. If it’s not, then we will spend the extra time ensuring that it is.

If you want to read more about our process and the equipment that is used, then just click on our Car Body Shop Glasgow blog. This will tell you about our skills, equipment and materials that we use. In addition, we have some interesting links that you will want to click on.

Effect on Resale Value

Just remember, if you are selling your car and it has some dents, scrapes and scuffs on it, then it may not sell quickly.

The reason is because the potential buyer knows that they would need to spend more money to repair any car damage. Again, if you are looking for a cheap fix, this could scare away a potential buyer with a decent eye because they would spot previous bad repairs quickly.

Just take a read at our Body Shop Repair Quotes blog. You will see some examples of poor workmanship which we speak about also.


At Dentzap, we can guarantee that we won’t offer the cheapest car dent repair in Glasgow. Yes, you read that correctly. But, what we will guarantee is your happiness with the dent repair.

There are far too many places offering dent repair for very little money. Not only in Glasgow, but all over. Sure, there is a market for people wanting the cheapest quote they can find. But, there is always a reason why the quote is cheap.

Car Dent Repair Glasgow

Our Customers

Our general customer base consists of customers who love their cars. And if you also love your car, then spending the extra money for a high quality repair will give you peace of mind. And by choosing Dentzap, it is simple. High quality dent repair done right.

So, if you are looking for a car body shop who offers high quality car dent repair in Glasgow, just head over to Cambuslang.

Our full address can be found here Block 14, Clydesmill Drive, Cambuslang, Glasgow G32 8RG.

Also, you can view examples of the type of cars that we often work on. Our Previous Car Repairs blog has some images and links to videos that you will like. Alternatively, click onto our social media links below.


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