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When it comes to looking for a car body shop in Glasgow, there are plenty around. But when it’s a specialist car body repair shop that you are looking for, then choose Dentzap.

Read on to find out why we’re a specialist car body shop.

Car Body Shop

Dentzap has been in business for almost 10 years, but our actual experience goes far beyond that. Our experience is life long in this industry, so we know what we are talking about.

You can read more about our beginnings up until now, by clicking on our About Us page.

At Dentzap we only know how to repair a car the right way. We won’t lie and say that we are the cheapest car body shop in Glasgow because that’s not true. However, we are one of the best.

Car Body Repairs

At Dentzap we pride ourselves on knowing that we always aim for the perfect finish. If it’s not perfect, then it’s not quite right.

We see a lot of cars with dents, scratches and accident damage at our workshop in Cambuslang. Also many cars with previous repairs which standout from the rest of the car due to poor workmanship.

We wrote a blog about cheaper repairs and how it compared to our car body repairs. Just click here to read more and look at the images of some previous poor car body repairs.

Car Body Shop Glasgow

For People Who Love Their Cars

Our customer base consists of customers who love their cars. Our customers trust us because they know the workmanship is second to none. In addition to this, they know they are getting their car back in showroom condition, sometimes better as not all manufacturer finishes are great.

Afterall, when you spend thousands of pounds on your car, why would you want to drive about with dents, scrapes and other paint damage?

Paint Equipment

At Dentzap we always make the paint using our paint mixing system. We simply get the colour code from your car, input the colour code into our system which gives us the paint mix.

Sometimes, there can be many shades of the same colour code. This can cause an issue in some car body shops in Glasgow. This could be down to ordering paint in from a paint distributor who haven’t even seen the car. Or maybe the staff lack the skill and experience to adjust the colour.

But not at Dentzap because we have the skills and the additional equipment to help us find the correct shade for your car.

There is no generic colour when it comes to cars. That’s why it’s vital that you choose a car body shop that has the skill to tint colours if the the system brings one up which isn’t good enough.

Our additional equipment includes a specialist camera which can identify the many colours which make up the paint for your car. The camera helps of course, but sometimes it’s down to us to tint colours. We want to make sure that they are as perfect as they can be.

Also, any reputable car body repair shop should have it’s own spray booth. A spray booth is another piece of equipment which is vital to ensure that the damage is repaired to the highest standard. In addition, it also helps the repair stand the test of time.

The spray booth is vital because it keeps dirt and dust particles in the air to a minimum. Afterall, you don’t want dirt and dust landing onto the paintwork during the spray painting process. In addition to this, it also helps cure the paintwork.


Now it’s great having all this equipment but if you don’t use the correct materials, then you could have many issues right away. Sometimes the issues won’t show up right away, but should do in a few months time.

Some cheaper materials do not have any UV protection, so when the sun comes out, it can start to damage the paintwork. Normally we hope for a good summer in Glasgow, but you might wish otherwise if your paintwork begins to have an off colour tint to it.

So, it’s great having the equipment and the materials. But if you don’t have the skills, then none of this will make a huge difference.

Car Body Shop Glasgow

Car Body Repair Specialists

This is why Dentzap are car body repair specialists in Glasgow. We have worked on many types of vehicles. From your day-to-day cars to classic cars and supercars. No matter what make and model your car is, Dentzap can repair any damage that is on your car or replace any damaged panels.

This Lamborghini Gallardo had a full respray a few years back.

You can also see the calibre of cars that we work with on our Instagram page.

Car Paint Scratches

Some paint scratches can be polished out if they are light enough. This is because the scratches haven’t went through the lacquer (or clearcoat). If the scratches are deep then the panel will need resprayed. In addition to the panel that needs a respray, other panels that don’t have any scratches on them might also need resprayed.

So, car body repairs aren’t always as straightforward as painting over the scratches. Sometimes the scratches have been deep enough that they leave a small dent running across the damaged panel. This is when a scratch is more like a large running dent.

Car Dents

Depending on the car dent, we may be able to repair it using PDR (Paintless Dent Repair).  PDR is the process of removing dents without the need to respray the panel. This makes it more cost effective for the customer as there is no paint materials required and the repair process is a lot shorter.

Read more about PDR.

Car dents can be small enough that PDR is a suitable repair method. Other car dents are large enough that the panel would need replaced. Sometimes a replacement is the choice of repair because it’s more economical.

But when a car dent needs repaired, then we don’t just fill the dent like some other car body shops in Glasgow would. We reduce the size of the dent as much as possible, using specialist dent pulling equipment that we have.

Sometimes, we will even use PDR to tidy the dent as much as possible before applying filler and smoothing it out. This is because you want as little filler as possible on any car damage such as dents, scuffs and scrapes.

Car Body Shop Glasgow

Full Resprays

Paintwork can be bad enough that a car needs a full respray. There could be dents, scrapes and previous repairs on various panels on the car which leave you no choice.

A full respray is a massive job and requires a full strip down of the car. This means removing as much as possible from the doors, bonnet, bumpers, roof etc. For example, a door needs the door mirror, handle, mouldings etc taken off otherwise the lacquer forms a bridge onto these parts.

This not only looks poor but if you need to take any of these parts off in future, then your paintwork rips off.

Again, we have a blog which shows the repair process of a full respray. It’s the Ferrari F430 Spider F1.

Claiming Your Insurance

To repair car damage, it’s expensive and sometimes means that the customer is better off claiming their insurance. Your insurance company has it’s own ‘approved’ car body shops within it’s network.

This means that they have an agreement with that repairer to provide customers with repairs for a fixed cost. It also means that the car body shop is responsible for the repair standards. ‘Approved’ doesn’t always mean it’s a high standard of repair though.

Now, you have the right to choose whichever car body shop you want to undertake repairs.

By choosing Dentzap as your car body shop in Glasgow,  you will not only get an incredibly high standard of repair but also a more personal service and attention.

So, when you are involved in an accident on the road, or the dent is too expensive to pay for yourself, then call us at Dentzap on 0333 002 0128 or just click our Contact Us page.

Claiming Third Party Insurance

When it comes to road accidents, there can sometimes be a dispute over who was at fault. Other times it can be obvious who was at fault for the road accident.

It’s always best to call us at Dentzap first because we can give you our best advice before dealing with your own insurance company. If for example another driver runs into the back of you, it’s almost always no fault of your own. This is also called a non-fault accident.

We have working partners who will be able to deal with the third party insurance company to discuss liability and costs of repairs.

In addition, you may also have some pain from your road accident. If this is the case, then you are entitled to compensation for your personal injury.

Again, our working partners consist of solicitors who will deal with the third party insurance company to ensure that you get the compensation that you are due.

Afterall, why would you want your insurance company discussing your personal injury claim when you can have reputable solicitors in Glasgow with vast experience in this area?

If the circumstances of the road accident means that you are not at fault, then our partners will provide you with a like for like hire car. No matter what make or model your vehicle is, you are entitled to the industry standard replacement vehicle while your vehicle is in for repairs.

If your car is deemed as unroadworthy due to car body or mechanical damage, then you are due a car right away. Otherwise there will be a car waiting on you when your car is booked into us for repairs.

Modern Cars

Other Factors You Need to Consider

When choosing a car body shop in Glasgow, you need to choose a business that considers modern technology.

We consider this when repairing cars because there is no room for error. There is certain precautions that must be taken to prevent damage to certain vehicles. Modern cars with modern technology consists of electric and hybrid vehicles to other forms of technology including ADAS.

Our ADAS Technology blog can explain what this is and more.

Take a look at our gallery page for some of our before and after images.


Looking for a car body shop in Glasgow? Or maybe it’s time for your MOT test?

We offer numerous services to keep your car looking great and running smoothly from our headquarters in Cambuslang, Glasgow.

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