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If you are looking for a Cambuslang MOT station, then at Dentzap, we provide many services in house.

So, read on to find out why you should choose Dentzap as your local MOT centre and find some useful links to our other blog posts.


The MOT Test

Around one third of cars fail their MOT test. Usually these failures are caused by a worn tyre, a faulty bulb, suspension parts or brake pads needing replaced. These are the areas on your car which are most likely to cause an MOT test fail.

However, there are many areas of your car that get inspected. Areas include the car body, steering, emissions, seatbelts and more.

So, it’s not just your lights, suspension, brakes, and tyres that get inspected.

When it comes to the MOT test, we all hope our cars pass with flying colours but it’s not always the case.

Some MOT stations only conduct the MOT test, while others offer diagnostic and mechanical repairs.

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However, at Dentzap, we offer many different services to get your car through it’s annual MOT test.

So, not only do we perform the MOT test, provide a diagnostic service and offer the mechanical repairs. But we can source tyres at a very competitive rate and provide car body repairs.

In addition to this, we can help maintain your car by providing you with other services.

Services which include your annual service, wheel alignment and air condition recharges.

Read our Car Service and MOT blog which can explain why you should service your car. In addition, it will explain all the variables involved in choosing the correct service that your car needs.

Basically, we have everything we need in-house to get your car through it’s MOT test.

You can read our Services page which highlights some of our services that we can offer you. Not only for your MOT test but to keep your car running great and looking great.

Cambuslang MOT

Our MOT Costs

The maximum fee for a class 4 MOT test is £54.85. Our MOT charge is £45 and we feel this is an honest, competitive rate with MOT stations that aim to do the job properly.


Dentzap have built a strong reputation over the years. A reputation that has gained us customers from not only our local area of Cambuslang, but all over Glasgow and beyond.

We are an independent workshop based in Cambuslang, which is a great location to the M74 motorway.

Find us on Google Maps.

You can read some testimonials from our customers on Google Reviews. There are more review on Yell and Facebook.

So, if you are looking for a Cambuslang MOT station, then choose Dentzap.


Is it time for your MOT test? Or maybe you need some mechanical works carried out?

We offer numerous services to keep your car looking great and running smoothly from our headquarters in Cambuslang, Glasgow.

Contact us today to find out what we can do for you and keep up to date with all things Dentzap on our socials.

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